Vice: Underground Music Elementor WordPress Theme


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Main features
Create unlimited “Modular One Page”
Recycle modules across multiple “One Page”, creating custom landing pages for your website in minutes
Unique music player, super integrated, with playlist. Easily add entire album to the player, with autoplay (optional)
Create unlimited “Radio Station Channels”
Switch on/off the audio of the youtube background. If video has audio, automatically decrease the music player volume
Control the music and the video volume from the same control bar
Retina ready
Music post types: releases, artists, podcasts, events, gallery
Create unlimited “Radio Station Channels” (Need MP3 stream url to use in the player)
Built-in fullpage slider, super easy to use
Create unlimited multimedia galleries, including photos and videos
Releases (Music Album) can contain unlimited tracks, each one with unlimited artists, and unlimited “buy” link. Tracks can have mp3, soundcloud or youtube preview
Podcast: can create podcast by genre, and include soundcloud, mixcloud or mp3 file. Mp3 is player in the main player, across pages
Events: organize events by post type, and link to specific events types. Perfect for djs, booking agencies and clubs
Artists: for music bands, music labels, groups or clubs, create amazing artists pages with tabs layout. Artists pages automatically lists the releases of the artist.
Social: Every page contain slick sharing function to improve your online success
Related posts for: articles, releases, podcasts, artists, all based on taxonomies or date

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