Ticketing Expert – SaaS based Ticketing System 1.1.0


🌟 This is a digital product, you will get the download link of the product on your email/Download section

SaaS version of the Ticketing Expert supports Multi tenancy. Super admin of the system can login from a central domain and can manage tenants. Tenant can subscribe to a plan set up by the super admin. During the order process, he could choose a subdomain he would like to use, and the ticketing system will be available on that sub domain for the tenant. But if the tenant would like to use the system on his own domain, that can be done too.
Then the tenant can login as admin from the domain he choose and can add staff, customers can sign up, and the customer can open tickets. tenant can set up departments, email templates, IMAP and SMTP etc. Each tenant’s system will be independent from others. We use one database per tenant.
Our plan system is flexible, you can set up day based plans, month based plans etc. Also you can set up prices in various currencies. It’s a lot flexible.

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