Stripe Connect PHP API – Create accounts, customers, payments & refunds (build your marketplace)


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Build and start your own marketplace by using the Stripe Connect API with PHP to process the payments between your platform, Connected accounts and Customers!
This script has been written to be easily modified to fit your very own needs so you can integrate Stripe Connect to your website in a white-label way (your users stay on your website and won’t have to leave on Stripe’s website to register, pay, etc). The code is written in the simplest possible way for you to understand how it works quickly, it’s also fully commented with every Stripe API function use having a link to its API documentation and other useful links when needed. Even if the design of the script doesn’t really matter here, you’ll be happy to know that it’s also responsive. The Stripe Connect API version is the latest to date and the script uses PHP 7, jQuery, Bootstrap 4 and MySQL 5. Please note that a MySQL database will be needed to run the script, using just one single table (simple, told you!).

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