Restaurant Point of Sale – Rest POS – C# WPF SQL


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After Download you will get .cs, .xaml, DataSetInvoice.xsd, .rdlc and SQL DB script files (And Web Extension .aspx, .aspx.cs, js, .css etc …Restaurant POS is C#, WPF , XAML, SQL based Desktop application. On-Screen Touch Keyboard support. Seller can select first table zone and place order Kitchen display shows Kitchen items.It’s support in multiple location, item/product image store into sql server database so you can access software anywhere. And you can also host your databse into cloud server.Customer can place oder from website -> Delivery to homeIt’s support in LAN- single PC use or multiple PC use.Database Backup, Reset, and Restore.On-Screen Touch KeyboardKitchen DisplayOrder InvoiceCrystal ReceiptTicket print for: Customer- Waiter .Employee works records sheet

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