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The offload plugin is a script that allows the owner of the website to completely offload either the assets of the website (JS, CSS, Images files) or/and the user-uploaded content (logos, avatars) on an external storage system.
The plugin is compatible with the 11Uptime, 66Analytics, EasyQR, phpBiolinks & SocialProofo products.
The plugin works with AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces & Vultr Objects.
Wasabi is already available as per the requests of customers for phpBiolinks and SocialProofo.
Full video presentation & tutorial.
Why should you offload?
Offloading can be extremely helpful from many points when you want to scale up your website.
Faster delivery of assets & user-uploaded content
You’re not limited by the space that your host has to offer
You’re not using the bandwidth that your host limited you with
You’re not using the resources of your server to deliver assets
Storage is cheaper & is highly scalable

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