Medix The Pharmacy POS Management System 4.0


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Point of sale
Offer Discounts
Credit sales
View invoices and manage it
Seprate Pos for return items
Offer Discounts
Asign multiple roles
Add medicines and manage it
Upload medicines through CSV
Add stock and pending stock
Add medicines and manage it
Add categories
Report for expired stock
Out of stock alert notification
Stock reports
Multicolor settings
Sales report
Return report
Multicolor settings
User profile
Add supplier and manage it
Supplier payments
Add banks
Add Cheques and manage it
Add Deposits and manage it
Bank book
Create and Return purchases and manage it
Add drivers and manage it
Add vehicles and manage it
Wholes POS for retialers
Create Brands, Brand sector, Units, Regions ,Town, Store locations and manage it
Customer and supplier ledger
Chart of accounts
Journal voucher and opening balance
General Journal, Blancesheet, Incomestatment, Trial Balance, Ledger account
Add requested items
Add Users and manage it
Take and restore backups
Printer settings
Website and userpanel
Upload and manage customer prescriptions
Top Customer report
Top Salesman report
Brands report
sections report
Companywisr report
Store wise report
SKU wise report
Return report
Bank Collection
Directly add to stock from purchase
Directly reduce to stock from purchase return
Purchase Order
Orderlist for salesman
Multi Store
Account holder opening balances
Bank expense
Debit Voucher
Add Services for other incomes
Company registration
Service base sales receipt
New responsive navigation bar
Dynamic Taxes
SMS Notification Enabled
Email Notification Enabled
Advance sales, Purchases , taxes reports
Prescription capture option from webcam
Upload Stock
Edit receipts

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