Clover – Real-Time Messaging, Audio & Video Conferencing Web App – Node.js, React, WebRTC, Socket.IO


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Clover is an instant messaging & conferencing web app with audio / video capabilities, both in one-to-one calls and in group calls with multiple remote peers!
You can now download the beta source code, together with the stable v2 source code. There are currently additional installation instructions for v3 beta. Please read the v3 README file carefully.
Features currently available in v3 beta:
Completely redesigned UI
All files are now stored within MongoDB
Password reset via email and welcome email
Edit profile details, change password easily
Unique access point with + button for: finding people, creating groups, scheduling meetings
Better mobile UI, better mobile resource management
Faster than ever
More scalable than ever
New groups system
Full installation script with docker and docker compose
i18n translations: english (default), italian (more can be added easily)
Admin panel with user create, edit and delete
Calendar / meeting scheduler
Under development:
New meetings system
New notifications system
Migration script from v2 to v3

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